Warning, reading this may break your eyes. If your eyes become hot or fatigued,just look at the pictures.

Hi garden peeps!

Don’t forget about the FO PO Fall Fest coming up at the garden on October 25th from 4-8 pm. There will be a costume contest, pumpkin carving, games, entertainment and refreshments! Fun for the whole family and a chance to see the garden as it becomes fully operational this Fall. Also, please mark your calendars Saturday, November 2nd from 10-3. The Powell Blvd. Dennis 7 Dee’s is having a craft bazaar and the Foster Powell Community Garden will be receiving a donation from the events proceeds.

Support for Dennis 7 Dee’s craft bazaar = support for the garden!

I get the feeling like my posts may be too long sometimes. I’m going to work on this. It’s hard! So much has been happening. I’m going to try to tell the story with pictures. There will inevitably be some words, too.

IMG_4989 IMG_4998IMG_5002 IMG_4996 The Phix Hair Studio on Powell came over and Phixed us good, raising $125 for garden projects! Some of the lovely locks removed belonged to a pretty awesome pair of heads from Red Castle Games-local business extraordinaire, several of your garden committee members, and the family Campbell. A big thanks to Alex, Leah, Lawrence, Catrina and Nancy from the Phix for all the snazzy do’s, the fun, and the bucks!

IMG_5008 IMG_4981 IMG_5009 IMG_5032

September work parties were well attended and productive. Thank you volunteers: Cascadia Health, Patty, no less than 3 Sara(h)s, Garrett and family, Cecilia, Andy, the family Montgomery, Suzanne, Miss Rita duBee, The all “powerful” Greazels, Ben, Alyssa Keny-Guyer (just our local state representative hucking concrete blocks with us, no big deal), James, John and, well hell, I’m gonna thank myself, too.


I barely made it to the annual tomato tasting at Dennis 7 Dee’s, but I got there in time to learn that my favorite cherry tomato (and favorite overall) is definitely the Snow White and that I am visually partial to yellow orange variegated colors of tomato. 50 varieties!

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Fall and Winter Events in the Garden

Hi garden friends! You might be wondering, what’s up with that community garden? There was a flurry of activity, then the pumpkins died (my bad, sorry), and now there’s a huge plastic jug sitting on its side in there! What gives? Well, Vicki and John (your garden tenders) do have to work for a living and it has been a busy summer for us. We’d love for you to join us for two upcoming art exhibits, just click here for the details. That was a plug; now back to the jug…

IMG_4768 IMG_4769

That jug is our first cistern! It comes courtesy of a SPACE grant from EMSWCD (and delivery guy Jeff), and it will collect 2500 gallons of water from the roof of the shed this winter and provide summer hydration for the 10 soil-filled beds, which are brought to you by an anonymous donor who read about us in the Oregonian! Those beds are otherwise ready for planting; please see the end of the post called “The Dirty Boogie” for information on when they will be available to you.

Our final work parties for the summer will take place on Friday, September 12th and Saturday, September 13th followed by some celebrating!

Here is what we have planned for Fall and Winter:

Friday, September 12 from 10-6pm: This day is all about anticipating Fall! Along with some small jobs, we’ll be installing the cistern so that it can begin catching water… and… The Phix will be hosting a very special Back to School hair cutting event on site from 2-6pm. They will be doing haircuts for a minimum $10 donation. First come first served. All ages!! All proceeds will go directly to the garden!!! Do you remember when Melissa Binder from the Oregonian mentioned my “pixie” haircut in her article about the garden? I’ve been dying to tell you all that Leah at the Phix is responsible for that pixie magic! The Phix is bringing more than magic shears to our neighborhood garden. They are also initiating a volunteer incentive plan called “Garden Bucks” where you can exchange your volunteer hours in the garden for goods and services from local businesses that support the FPCG! I can’t tell you how much I love their energy! It’s like they are blowing kisses right at Foster-Powell and I hope you will join me in a saucy wink right back at ‘em!

Saturday, September 13th from 10-2pm: This will be a day of construction and, of course, smaller projects, too. The covered meeting area will be underway on Friday and Saturday. This amazing project is possible by a generous donation of lumber from the Rebuilding Center, tireless work by neighbor Garrett, and the Willow & Tigger Fund (an anonymous donor). I think I can tell you that Willow and Tigger were cats that loved a beautiful garden. We’d love to hear your suggestions for how we should honor the beloved fur balls in whose honor the donation was made.

Sunday, September 14th from 11-3pm: Dennis’ 7 Dee’s SE Powell Garden Center is having their 10th annual tomato tasting event with over 50 varieties of tomatoes! That sounds like the perfect way to wrap up a weekend and a full summer of community garden work. I’ll see you there and, hopefully, I won’t be dirty for once!

Saturday, October 25th from 4-9pm (tentatively): The first annual Fo-Po Fall Fest will be held at the Foster Powell Community garden. We hope it will become a Saturday-before-Halloween tradition for kids of all ages. Pumpkin carving and costume contests, food and music, games and, um, THE GARDEN in all of its Fall splendor! I can tell you that people are coming all the way from the East Coast for this event (my mom and sister-hooray!) so you know it’s going to be a good party. You should definitely come.

Saturday, November 2nd from 10-3pm: Dennis’ 7 Dee’s SE Powell Garden Center 5th Annual Craft Bazaar. Proceeds from the event this year are going to be donated to the Foster Powell Community Garden (at the time this post was published, there was an error on their page), so please, patronize! You may even find that Vicki and John have a table of items for sale from our art studio.

December-March 2015 Hibernation: I don’t know about you, but I have a date with 500 lbs of clay and I intend to spend the cold wet days in the studio. Not only do I have a solo art show in February, but your garden tenders are also behind the upcoming Foster Window Project so we will again have our hands full. Please send me an email if you’d like to be added to the Foster Window Project mailing list so that you can learn about and get involved with this community art project. Now, if someone wants to lead work parties during these cold wet months please let me know. I did it last year and found I had a lot of alone time in the garden (sometimes I just stayed home and left a note on the gate). Stay tuned though, the beds are going to be available around February.

April 2015: Work parties will resume and the 3rd Annual Plant Sale and Fundraiser will take place in the garden.

We are doing this, friends. I look forward to seeing you in the garden.

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The Dirty Boogie!

It’s really happening, neighbors, and it’s all thanks to you! The festivities began last week with a truckload of chips from Asplundh (thanks again Aaron), and continued on Thursday when Mt. Scott Fuel delivered 20 yards of 4 way soil. Friday morning came early when Johnson Creek Rentals delivered the “Dingo”. What have we been doing for the last year without one of these? Thanks so much to these contributors.

IMG_4679 IMG_4685

I’m afraid I can’t name a MVP for this round of work parties, there were too many! Patty was constant as the sun, weeding the place clean. The very knowledgeable Nicole from Dennis’ 7 Dees put her back into it, first up on the Dingo and we had a lunchtime visit from Powell 7 Dees Manager, Dave. Garrett has been at it behind the scenes. He showed up fresh from the Rebuilding Center with a new donation of wood which he will be using to construct the community meeting area (which he has beautifully designed). Another thanks is due to Independent Welding Supply for lending a truck for the wood delivery. Here is the whole family: Garrett, Andrea and lil’ Lealand and a sneak preview (rough sketch) of the new meeting area.

IMG_4699 62ndAveGarden-CoveredMeetingArea

Our volunteers are different every time and we are always thrilled to meet new neighbors and see old friends come back. This time we were excited to have lots of weeding help from Cascadia BHC. A big Friday shout out to Sarah, Ricki, Petr, Kevin, Robale, Skyler, and Christmas. Thanks also to Sheena, Daniel, Keely, Elliot, Asher, Josh and John.

Saturday saw some old projects (almost) wrapped up and new projects started. Thanks to Ken and super-dog Apollo for donating some choice wood pieces and a whole bunch of really useful hardware for the meeting area. The Saturday crew of Patty, John, Andy, Daniel, Skyler, Dakota, Jamyelese, Al and Mari really made a dent. We have a new block pathway, our native plant retaining wall is nearly done and another one is almost ready to hold a rain garden behind the cistern (which will be arriving in the next few weeks).

IMG_4694  IMG_4701IMG_4703

Of course, like I always say, there is more work to be done. Save the date for the September work parties: Friday 9-12 and Saturday 9-14, 10-2. We will have a cistern to hook up, there may be an opportunity to help construct the meeting area. Also, The Phix will be on site doing back to school haircutting-more details to come. On Sunday 9-15, celebrate the fruits of labor over at the Powell Blvd. Dennis’s 7 Dees with a tomato tasting! I’ll see you there.

Another date to save: 1st Annual FoPo Fall Festival in the community garden-OCTOBER 25th (it will always be held the Saturday before Halloween). We’ll have food, music, costume contest, pumpkin carving. This event, along with the Dennis’ 7 Dees craft bazaar in November will raise funds to complete the garden! (Are you sensing a pattern of support here?) We can do this by next Spring with your help!

Still with me? I know this is a long post but I’ve saved the best for last. The answer to the single most asked question at the FPCG: WHEN AND HOW CAN I GET A BED? The short answer is January/February 2015 and by keeping an eye on the website and email. Here is why: This garden is to be sustained by rainwater collected in cisterns. The beds are ready but we don’t have water to support our 10 beds until we have had a chance to collect water for a winter. We’ll get the next 10 beds up as soon as we get a cistern to support them. In January, we will make a request form and guidelines available on this website and to our mailing list and Facebook and we will accept the first 10 completed requests. The beds will have a $25 per year rental fee and a 10 hour a year volunteer commitment to the garden. We will have beds available with no rental fee, if requested, and volunteer work can be labor or administrative depending on each gardener’s abilities.

That is all for now. Be sure to thank all of the local businesses and neighbors who have been supporting this project. We could not do this without you, them, our grant from EMSWCD, the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association, SE Uplift and generous donations from our anonymous supporters and the “Willow and Tigger” Fund.

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Make your place!

Hi folks! It’s that time again! Our monthly volunteer opportunities at the community garden are here: Friday August 8th and Saturday August 9th, 10-2.
We are sorry if they don’t fit your schedules but we are open to groups planning their own workdays, too!

This month we have 20 yards of soil coming to fill the 9 new beds we made last month! The cistern is on it’s way but will not arrive in time for this month’s work. There is, as always, tons of weeding to do and we have concrete for working on the retaining wall, too.

The next opportunities to lend a hand are: Friday, September 12th and Saturday, September 13th 10-2. There may be some special back to school hair cutting action going on by The Phix and some volunteer appreciation by Midpoint Cafe, so I guess you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Please come out and help make this place for everyone. We look forward to lots of old and new faces.


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August 8th and 9th work parties

Save a little time next Friday and/or Saturday to help out at the Foster Powell Community Garden. We have so much to do so we can really use your help! Even an hour would go far to help beautify your neighborhood.

Friday, August 8th 10-2 and Saturday, August 9th 10-2.

We will have 20 yards of 4 way soil to fill the beds (Mt. Scott Fuel is donating more than 1/2 of this!), we have a growing wood chip pile courtesy of Aaron at Asplund (many thanks), and our first cistern, courtesy of our EMSWCD SPACE grant, should be rolling in just in time for these work parties, too!

We could also use a volunteer to go in some morning soon and give the dry plants a drink. It usually takes me about 2 hours to take water buckets around to everything but I dill-dally. Just email me if you’d like to water: 62ndgarden@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon!


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Celebrating 40 with 10

A big round of applause to all of the volunteers who turned out for this months garden work parties: December, Mariah, Rey, Nick, Patty, Steve, Rachel, Alex, Kelly, Alex R., Linda, Meg, Eric, Garrett-and a special thanks to Sarah for bringing us cookies! I’m going to go ahead and name Patty and Steve our garden VIP’s this week since they came both full days and were integral to the work that got accomplished.

Some of these improvements come to you courtesy of our “angel donors” who responded to the recent Oregonian article! We couldn’t have done it without you and there is more to come! We also couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband John who has been preparing the donated wood short ends of the beds for the past several weeks in anticipation of the big PARR lumber order. Thanks is also due to PARR Lumber for a very generous discount and delivery. We now have 10 of the 20 planned raised beds built!

The weeding and mulching were a breath of fresh air for me, personally, on those very hot days. I always worry that what we are doing has not improved the appearance of the lot. Keeping the weeds down is extremely important!

There is still weeding to do in the flower beds. More wood chips will be arriving next week and we expect to install the first  cistern at next month’s work parties courtesy of a SPACE grant from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD). We also expect to have dirt for the 10 beds. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were there on that momentous occasion?

Perhaps you had wanted to come to the work parties this month but it was just too hot. There’s always the August and September work parties. The details are on the Events Page and we would love to see you. Also, you’ll want to start paying close attention to the website, Facebook and email as we will soon have plots available for rent. We expect the fee to be very reasonable: $20 a year + 10 hours of general garden upkeep per year. I suggest following the website, liking the Facebook page and joining our email list to be sure the sign up doesn’t escape your notice. 

This week I celebrated my 40th birthday. I celebrated with a community garden that has sprouted legs, generous people who care and close friends that I love. I regret nothing, and a Sunday afternoon thunderstorm with fat raindrops was the icing on the cake.

IMG_4243  IMG_4279  IMG_4287  IMG_4285  IMG_4277  IMG_4286

Top 4 pics: Bed installation

Bottom left: Alex plays cupid with an arrow we found in the grass

Bottom right: shed organization

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Another incentive…

The Foster Powell Community Garden has just been awarded a SPACE grant from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD). We have enough funds right now to see more than half of the garden plan finished this year if we have enough strong bodies to do the work!

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