First Work Party Photos

Thanks to John, Casey, Keely, Asher, Jelani, Mace, Junko, Mark, Steven, Glenn, Corey, Dan and Paula. who came out and played at the Foster Powell Community Garden Space. We made some terrific discoveries, really made a dent in the work and had a great time. We started at the street, pulling the grass and planting the new beds with some of the remainders from the plant exchange. We located a water meter and used chips to designate a driveway. The median was the only dig-able area for us. Now that it has been planted the front of the place is really cleaned up.


Check out this husband and wife teamwork by Mace and Junko:


Water meter:


Finished front:


That all happened early in the day. In the afternoon a fresh group showed up (though some of the troops stayed all day and brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all-Casey). John had been hauling concrete rubble all morning from neighbor Cecelia (who we also thank for the use of the lawnmower). Jelani and Josh did arduous task of mowing. Once that was done, Glenn put his keen mind to the task of laying out our materials to landscape part of that bank. We covered with cardboard, lined the path with limbs and concrete rubble and then filled with some heavy sandy dirt and woodchips. We got nearly 1/2 of the bank covered! A huge accomplishment!

Jelani mowing:




Steven tends the dirt pile:


Part done:


Below-John, Glenn and Casey take a break as 4pm approaches. I had remarked that it would be great to get some rain at about 4pm to water the new plants and help set the dirt. So thanks, also, to the Oregon Weather for cooperating. It was actually a pretty pleasant shower to be caught in as we cleaned up for the day.


Sunday May 12th will be our next work party. Looking forward to working alongside you!


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