2nd Work Party in the bag!

Thanks to the folks that came out to help yesterday, Carla, Cecelia, Andy, Johathan and John. It was a small bunch, perhaps because it was Mother’s Day (who is the bonehead that planned a work party on Mother’s Day?) We did get some things done between the 6 of us though. We now have another bed to plant in front of the gate at the Powell edge of the property. This will be the entrance to our garden and the entrance to our neighborhood. More landscaping was done with the concrete chunks and cardboard. Here is Andy using the Force to direct a cement block into place. It’s great when Jedi’s come to the work parties:

ImageFully 1/2 of the length of the property has been completed with that treatment now! We scraped at some mean grass clods and managed to get a mountain of mulch spread. This was the main job that needed to be done and as you can see everyone pitched in to move mulch:

Image Leveling that mulch means that ODOT can bring in a crew of workers ONE MORE TIME to battle the blackberries on the back of the lot (the mulch was in the way). After that, we need to cover those suckers up (literally) and never let them see the light of day again! The water situation is still up in the air so we aren’t going to do much more planting just yet. I do have an idea for a temporary cistern that I found online and I have the materials available to make one (Thanks to Pat for the roofing felt): http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/water-storage-tank.aspx#axzz2T3stiOJm

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