For those just tuning in: Work Party this Sunday May 26th 10-4

Yes, there is a work party this weekend. Sunday, may 26th from 10-4. We’ll be building the first round raised bed, the first water cistern, scraping the asphalt, laying cardboard and spreading wood chips. Please come and help! Bring tools and friends!

For those of you just tuning in and to answer a few frequent questions. Here’s the “current” lowdown:

A few years ago, a couple of neighbors had the idea to approach ODOT (the owner of this lot) about doing a beautification project. The project has finally been approved and a garden is on the way. This is a slow process. The more help we have from neighbors, the faster we can realize and enjoy the final garden.

Our challenge is that we cannot depave or disturb the visible soil. A gas station is buried beneath this lot and ODOT is not giving us permission to work in the soil. That also means that we have no water on the site and cannot have a tap installed. The current plan is to build cisterns to catch water in the winter (from the gutters at the back of the lot) and get water delivered to the site in the summer (to a cistern in the front of the lot). The Foster Powell Neighborhood Association is supporting some of the start up costs for this project but we do not have enough funding and donations secured to finish this garden yet (we’re working on it). We are trying to do as much as possible with free materials which makes your volunteer labor and legwork the most valuable resource we have.


Foster Powell Community Garden (concept drawing-not to scale)

The spirit of this project is the beautification of this space at the entrance to our neighborhood. While individual plots may eventually be available, no one is reserving space at this time. The drawing you see here is the basic plan that ODOT agrees to, but the idea is organic and, as time passes and input and materials are received, the design continues to change. If you would like to have input on the project or how the space will be maintained, you are invited to pick up a shovel! To find out how you can join the steering committee for this project, please email Vicki at: and visit the website to find out what’s been going on, what supplies we need and when you can come and lend a hand.

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