3rd Work Party done, Next one: this Sunday June 2nd 10-4

Understandably, it was Memorial Day weekend…

After spending the first few hours alone, John and I had resolved ourselves to doing what we could and not expecting anyone to show. Then a sweet little voice drifted down from the 4-Plex at the back of the lot. “Can we come and help?”

Thanks so much to Crystal, Brandon, Nate, Adrianna, Kaliya and Baby Nate for bringing some much needed enthusiasm to the Foster Powell Community Garden this past Sunday. They really made our day and we actually got something done!

Thanks also to the Lily Day Cafe who brought us some still-warm chocolate chip cookies. Oh…my…god…

So we didn’t get as far as I’d hoped but a girl can dream. We did get some cardboard and dirt over the most stubborn depths of blackberry hell and one small round bed has been constructed. 

Here are some pics from the day:



The next work party is this Sunday June 2nd from 2-4:

This coming weekend we are sure to get the pretty picket boards around the sides. We really need some haulers, though! There are some wood chips in the hood that need to be levitated into our possession, if you know what I mean. I really can’t thank my husband John enough for all he does to support the garden. As of this morning, we have a lovely antique concrete fountain bowl (250lbs or more). It never would have made it to the garden without John’s help and truck. There are more people to thank for it, as well, but they choose to remain anonymous 🙂

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4 Responses to 3rd Work Party done, Next one: this Sunday June 2nd 10-4

  1. Brian says:

    I’ve been wondering what was up with that empty lot since I moved into the neighborhood nearly 7 years ago. I’m very pleased to see it finally being put to good use. I really wanted to come help out last Sunday but I was already triple-booked. I hope to make it over there this coming Sunday, however.

    I have some items I’d like to donate if you think they’d be useful. I’ve got two oak bourbon barrels (empty, sadly) and two black plastic 55-gallon barrels. I also have some cedar fence pickets from a planter box project I never completed.

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  3. Sui M K says:

    I hope to move to the area in next two months. Will have a number of plants to donate. I’ve had extensive veggie and flower gardens and even tho the stamina is not as good as before the enthusiasm is still there!!! Let’s do it!

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