What a day! One of my favorite parts about organizing this project is meeting new neighbors every week. It’s not as if the same few people are doing the work every time. I really feel like I’m getting to know my neighbors… and I like em!

So thanks this week to John, Brian, Pat, Tulasi, Brett, Carissa, Jen, Kristabelle (who crossed the state line just to help out), Andy and Cecelia. It was a great day to get a sunburn and a sore back. Wear them with pride, my friends.


Additional thanks to Warren and Helen for mulch and bricks respectively. Here’s Helen, now, dropping off a load of bricks!


We spread cardboard and dirt and hauled mulch. We picketed the front bed (still working out the pretty little details, though) and we got a jump on the water cistern. We’ll surely finish it next weekend and get some water ordered as soon as it’s ready.


Volunteers even took a minute to push start our truck which crapped out in the afternoon. Just in case anyone is wondering where we took it to get it fixed, it was B & M Engine Service on SE 77th and Foster Rd. I don’t want to turn my post into an ad but let me just say that I recommend them highly. Also, much thanks to Jen for letting us haul the rest of the mulch in her truck.

Here are a few more pictures of the day:

(taken from the top of a purely decorative ladder)


Sling it!


Do you know what was truly invigorating about the day? Today was the day that this thing stopped feeling like an insurmountable task. It’s hard to look at the lot with it’s lack of charms and keep imagining the dirt spread and the weeds controlled and the beds built. All it really took was to see some of that happen and now we can all start to see what it will be. It was like having an inbox and an outbox. At first, everything was in the inbox. This was the day that the inbox and the outbox were equally filled. It felt so good-and I could tell we were all feeling it. We are getting there together and I’m so honored to be doing this with my community. Thank you.

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