How can I help if I cannot make it to the work parties?

Solution #1 You can donate something (arrange it with Vicki, PLEASE, don’t leave things in front of the gate!):

  • A few rain barrels
  • A few composters
  • Garden tools of all kinds-shovels, metal rakes, gloves, kneeling pads, watering cans, loppers, bypass snippers, spades, weeding tools and 3 pronged ticklers (I may be making some of those words up)
  • A truckload of water (if anyone has one to spare)
  • Non-broken seating area furniture or benches (a wooden picnic table would be grand)
  • Wood chips-must be delivered

*We will not be accepting plant starts until we have beds to put them in and a watering system-we are working on it*

Solution #2: Be a steward of the strip.

The sidewalk strip in front of the garden needs frequent watering, weeding and monitoring for garbage and graffiti. Every neighbor can help with this.

  • Watering-I use a big ice tub which I got at Fred Meyer for about $6. I put it in the back of my pick up, fill it with water and drive down to the garden. I use a hand held watering can to dip out of the back of the truck. That way, I don’t have to carry any heavy containers of water. BE CAREFUL WHEN PARKING IN FRONT OF THE LOT. The Powell traffic is ridiculous.
  • Weeding-Weeds can be pulled in the strip at anytime by anyone! In the coming weeks, a small colored flag will be placed next to each plant so that helpers can be sure not to remove the plants we are cultivating.
  • Garbage and graffiti patrol-Every few days we walk the dogs by the garden to check for these things. We have hauled away quite a bit of garbage and painted over graffiti already! If you are walking by and you see anything left in front of the gates, it is garbage! Please pick it up and take it to your garbage can. Also, if there is graffiti on the sign, just let me (Vicki) know. We have the matching paint and a paintbrush is on standby at all times.

Remember, neighbors, this site is the entrance to our neighborhood. Visitors to our neighborhood will be getting their first impression as they turn off of Powell. Don’t we want that impression to be that we care about our neighborhood and that we are working hard to make it a nice place to live?

Thanks for caring, Vicki and John

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