July 13th: Blackberry Funeral

It’s an amazing transformation that happens every time a few people come together in that lot. In between work parties, much of our hard work gets overgrown and we have to redo it but we know that, eventually, those weeds will succumb to our efforts. And when those blackberries do finally give up and die, I bet we’ll be able to hear them curse our neighbor, Brett, with their last bit of energy. Big green hugs and kisses to today’s work party of Andy, Andrew, Cecilia, Cassandra and Brett as well as the visitors who came to cheer us on. Leah from the Fixx  hair salon on Powell stopped by with a fantastic idea about using hair from their shop as weed blocker and maybe more! We also had a visit from Lissa at EMSWCD! Special thanks to Cecilia Haas, for becoming donation headquarters and for all of her work on the grounds as well. Another thanks to Cecilia and John for joining me for an interview and photos this past Thursday. Here is the article, hot off the digital press! Many thanks to Steve Beaven for applying his journalistic skills to our cause!

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