Summer work parties have concluded, stay tuned for what is coming next

The August 17th work party was terrific! Thanks to Jenny, Joseph and Malerie for their hard work on weed patrol and to Rita for the gardening tips and for coming from the Sellwood Bee to do an interview about the garden (look for it the first week of September!). Thanks to Nels who, besides spending time in the dirt, donated a compost bin, tools and 3 potato planters. Thanks also to Francisco who’s vision for garden planning is truly a gift. He led the work on the concrete landscaping wall on the slope. I’m looking forward to getting this completed:


Today’s work party was just me and John and, since we’ve just returned tired from a camping trip, we took it pretty easy, tidying up, watering and trimming. We took some time to admire some of the nicer things that are already happening in the garden:


A gift from someone passing by.


None of us planted tomatoes yet this one thrives at the sidewalk and another is putting on fruit in the apple tree container (the vegetables just can’t wait!)


Everyone has been a little puzzled over what this thorny rose-like bush is. It was already thriving at the curb when we started so we left it. Now it is making mystery fruit. Does anyone know what it is yet?


This big lover is Frank. His owners live next to the lot (gracious, garden loving people that they are-allowing us to use some water and power from time to time) and Frank has already become a regular fixture around the garden.

All in all, it was a nice day and we straightened up in anticipation of the Oregon Tradeswomen coming out in September. I’ll be doing some planning, grant management and resource gathering in the coming weeks and posting for volunteers as I know what is needed, so stay tuned for more work parties and lots of activities going on in the Fall and Winter. I think we will be growing in Spring ’14!

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