A busy week around the garden

As things move along in the garden, the plan changes shape. It has to, improvisation and flexibility are crucial here. The shed being created by the Oregon Tradeswomen (I can’t thank them enough) is so adorable, it is bound to be a focal point of the garden. Over the Fall and Winter months, the plan is to have a landscaping and organizing effort around the shed in particular and start developing the garden outward. We are still short of wood for building the garden beds, so they won’t all be appearing at once. Using everything we have on site, first, will help us make a plan for what kind of donations to ask for in the coming year. As it stands, there is a need for more untreated, unpainted cedar pickets and lengths of 2×6 or 2×12 cedar. We are sure to need more cedar 4×4 posts, too.



This week’s thank-you’s:

Pieper Café-I was really hungry when I picked up this lunch for the Oregon Tradeswomen. The smell of those sandwiches was totally making me salivate! The ladies really appreciated your show of support, Pieper Café, and I appreciate your good energy and suggestions as well. Also, I am all about the Vanport sandwich! I love fruit on a turkey sandwich!


Lily Day Café– This was the third time that Lily Day has brought some of their deliciousness to the garden. I heard that they were savory pastries-some with pine nuts and spinach and some with tomato and cheese. I wouldn’t know because they were GONE by the time I heard Lily Day Café had come by the garden. This is all I saw:


Truly a testament to tastiness!

Mittleman Jewish Community Center and neighbor Jennifer-Right at the height of my wood panic and Craigslist scouring I received an email from neighbor Jennifer about a dumpster full of cedar at her work. Luckily I was able to jump right in the truck and go to it. Thank you, Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Your renovation plans included removing the men’s sauna. This is a great deal of nice cedar and it’s going to make fantastic raised bed boards. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the transformation.  Thanks also to Linda from MJCC who helped me get to some of the wood out and who I could tell felt much better that the wood would be used again.


Neighbors Mace and Paula-After all of the vandalism hub-bub from last week, we’ve all been overlooking the broken glass that still lay in the street. Thanks to neighbor Mace for cleaning that up. Thanks, also, to neighbor Paula who thought of the garden when she had extra dirt and straw.

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