Da’Hui and Da’Shed!

It was pretty stormy around the garden this past week. Luckily, work was wrapping up nicely and the crew didn’t have to spend too much time in the rain. Image

On Tuesday they were treated to a delicious lunch from Da’Hui on Foster Rd. I couldn’t believe the amount of food Mike handed me! I thought they’d never eat all that. The bigger surprise was when they did! It took a few days, though. Luckily, Da’Hui’s food turns into tasty leftovers, too. They made us Yakisoba, Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable Stir Fry, Steamed Rice and these amazing Vegetable Dumplings (that’s what I’ll be going back for!). Thanks so much to Da’Hui . I am so grateful that businesses like this one have showed such support for what we are trying to accomplish. Here are some lunch pictures:




So with full stomachs and wet everything else, the Oregon Tradeswomen were able to complete our shed on Thursday. They made some artistic choices that really make this a special and unique building and the cornerstone of our coming garden. Materials and building things are important to me, and this is so much more than a place to keep the shovels. I will always look at this building and be inspired to keep working hard and trying to create a community experience. I really enjoyed getting to know the Oregon Tradeswomen foreman and was captivated by the work they do. I was also inspired by the individuals women that performed this work and I predict bright futures for all of them.

When I look at that building, I’ll also be inspired to keep finding ways to reuse material rather than just running off to the store for a new thing, too. A good portion of this building was created from material from the Rebuilding Center and some material came directly from neighbors remodeling projects. Here is our lovely shed, gardeners. Aren’t we lucky?


Notice Frank has shown up for the photo above!


I love everything about this picture. This has been a beautiful experience!

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