Digging Between the Raindrops

We’ve been having a great time puttering around the garden for the past few weeks.Alex planted a sword fern a few weeks ago. He got a permit and dug it from the forest! He’s also been working to develop a pathway to the shed. Daniel came and helped me get the round wooden containers in place. One of those containers has now been filled with dirt and neighbors Raquelle and Magda helped me plant tulips, nasturtium and a fig tree. More of a branch, really, but it will be a tree before we know it! Image

John has been working away, cutting wood for beds. We did get the first bed constructed but we aren’t going to fill it until we have our placement nailed down. I took a site planning workshop this weekend and John is using a program called Sketch-up to create a 3-D model of our site and structures (and proposed structures)! I can’t wait to share it with you all. A second site planning class is scheduled for Nov 20th and I should be getting feedback on the plan before we implement it.


In addition to cutting wood for beds, John and I have been cutting out the wood for the mural/gate signage, blowing up letters, painting and it’s coming along! I’ve been raiding neighbor Pat’s wood stash on a regular basis, now, and putting away some tasty wood slices for the completion of that project and others. Look for future posts asking you to paint a flower for the fence!


John is tracing the projected design onto the board.


Here are the boards primed, cut and traced.

Pat of Eagle Window Replacement is also working on a design for a covered meeting area that will double as our water collection roof. Pat is such a great resource as a contractor. I really admire his skill and work ethic and I’m awfully glad to have him as my neighbor.

If you pass by the gates in the evening you will notice some motion lights at the sidewalk and some little solar powered twinkle lights lining the shed roof. Not practical lighting but beautiful just the same. There are also dusk-to dawn battery powered lights on either side of the door and a motion sensor light above the doors.


Let’s add a few new names to our Garden committee: Bob and Laurel-welcome! That puts us at a committee of 7-a respectable group and a perfect size! Here are just a few more shots from the garden.


The view from behind the camera. Frank is always trying to direct the shot!


Passive water collection system. I think this is going to fill this winter! Don’t worry, mosquitoes are under control!

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1 Response to Digging Between the Raindrops

  1. beachelf says:

    Um. You got a wild Vicki growin in that one box. Pull that sucker outa there before it takes over. 😉
    Love you, sis. It’s looking dang spiffy!! I wanna come out there and get schooled. Hugs to you,

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