Please don’t leave donations at the fence!

Hi there garden lovers and donors. We love accepting your donations but it’s not a good idea to leave things at the fence or throw things over. Please email me at and I’ll be happy to open up and accept your donation! Often times the donations are great and useful but they may sit for a few days before I notice something has been left and that makes the neighborhood look junky. THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE WANT! The bigger problem, though, is when things are left that we cannot use. I know it is hard to believe but garden hose is not on our wish list! Now we have garden hose that we need to get rid of because it was left at the gate! So please! Let us accept your donation! We could especially use tools. We have plenty of shovels and rakes but could use some hand trowels, weeding spikes and pruning shears! Thanks-FPCG

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