Hi garden friends. Here are some images I found around the world wide web that I thought might help inspire our dormant green thumbs. No photo credits because I’m a jerk, but I think quite a few are from the Vancouver, BC area…




Image that’s concrete, baby!


Image I sure hope we get one of these in our garden…

Image Should we expand the garden onto Foster?

Image the beauty of a site planImage

Image also on concrete

Image  they can be moved into place later with a palette jack!

Image MMMMM!

Image Awwww!

Image  Oooooh! (in case you are confused-it’s raining cats and dogs at this garden)

There was one more picture that would not post properly-so picture it in your head and pretend it’s our garden when you do…

A burgeoning mid-summer raised-bed garden at dusk with the city streets visible on two sides. In the heart of the garden there is a long table with a white table cloth, some flowers and other decorations. At the table about 20 neighbors are seated for a meal, laughing and enjoying the harvest and each other’s company. Let’s make that happen.

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