The garden cannot accept trees!

Thank you for the thought-honestly, whoever left two lovely potted trees in front of the garden, but this is precisely why I have been asking people to arrange to have their donations accepted by contacting me at 62ndgarden@gmail instead of dropping them off in front of the fence. You see, we are not allowed to plant trees on this lot as part of our agreement with ODOT. I don’t know what to do with them now, so I am just saying to anyone reading this, FREE TREES! courtesy of an anonymous donor (who we really do appreciate). Please just take them away from in front of the garden as soon as possible.

If people see stuff being left in front of the gates, more stuff is going to get left in front of the gates and, trust me, not all of the things that get left there will be donations for the garden!

Lots of love to all my garden peeps, errant anonymous donors and blog readers.

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