What’s growin’ on?

We have scheduled work parties every weekend Saturday 12-2 and Sunday 2-4. The winter work has been in fits and starts but big thanks are due to Alex, Daniel, John, Raquel, Lucas and Frank who regularly bring their energy to the space and let others know that we have not forgotten. Also thanks to Frank’s dad, Andy, for helping out with some grant writing 🙂 and to Paula for a really great WHEELBARROW! Thanks, also, to Tony’s Garden Center for donating three Oregon grape bushes. The work goes surprisingly fast when even one or two extra people join in. We are hoping for a big full day push on Friday Feb 21 and Sat Feb 22, 10-4 each day because we have 41 native shrubs on order and we need to get the sloped side of the garden ready to receive those bare root plants on the 22nd. Right now the work is all about moving dirt and concrete pieces. We are also having a fundraiser on  April 12th, 12-4. It’s a plant sale (neighbors donate starts and divided plants so get your donations ready), bake sale, a mural with community paint party for the fence, and we are raffling off the first raised plot in the garden for a year! We’ll announce more when it gets closer.
The garden committee has been meeting regularly over the cold months and the grant writing continues. Here we are last week decorating and signing thank you notes for all of the great businesses that donated to the garden last year. See our “Thanks to our donors” page.


Left to right: Vicki, John, Cecilia, Alex, Daniel, Laurel. Thanks to Cecilia for being the hostess with the most-diddly-ostist. (I couldn’t resist a little “Flanders” if I was going to use a term like that).

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