A few great things about FO-PO while we play hookey from the garden

Hi friends. Of course, we will not be working in the garden this weekend…we can’t even see it! Thanks to neighbors Allison and Andy who cleared the sidewalk in front of the garden. I think I’ll take a minute to say that this is a pretty great neighborhood…


A week or two ago, I received a jar of delicious plum preserves from a neighbor I had never met before. Neighbor Elena was sharing homemade preserves from her garden with people who’s gardens she had admired on the garden tour last summer. It might as well have been a gold medal to me. Thank you, Elena.


Lat night as we walked our dogs around the hood admiring the fresh snow, neighbor David invited us to join him and a few other passersby at his front yard fire pit and to have a little nip o’whiskey. That was the first time we met David!

Today, my neighbors (who, like myself, don’t have kids) built a snowman, possibly to amuse their dog who watched from the porch. I don’t think it was quite done in this picture.


Finally, in response to whoever left this note on the gate of the garden a few weeks ago, we are trying:


It’s FPCG- but, no matter. I love Foster-Powell.

Tuck up, everyone, and have a good weekend.

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