This week in the garden-April 12th is the big day!

I’ve been under the weather a bit. I guess you could say I get by with a little help from my friends…

Thanks, garden committee, for carrying on without me and keeping the momentum going! Thanks Cecilia for the loveliest raffle ticket design …Thanks to Daniel, Donnie and Val for digging and potting in the rain and depositing their golden greens upon the lot in anticipation of the upcoming sale. For those of you neighbors not in-the-know, Donnie is an extraordinary professional landscape designer who’s yard is the envy of the FO-PO garden tour each year. He has generously donated two truckloads of plants including various lily, iris, oriental poppy and ornamental grasses and some fine fertilized soil to keep them in. I will be donating many of the hens and chicks from my spiral rock garden (if you happen to know my yard) and some lovely Rudebeckia “Becky” daisy clumps.  Your divided plants and extra starts are welcome, too! Bring plant donations down to the garden on Friday, April 11th or Saturday, April 12th from 10-12. We will have some limited edition FOPO ceramic mushrooms ornaments at the sale as well. They were a special gift to the 5th annual garden tour participants but they are making a comeback and you can get one! Don’t forget, we will also be mounting the mural on the gates and we need our neighbors to paint flowers to finish it off. We’ll have primed wooden flower cut outs and a rainbow of latex house paint on site. Bring the kids and paint a flower for the gate. If you’d like to have a flower in advance and return it to us (I’m talking to you Foster Art Night!) just get in touch and we’ll set you up. Other things you may see at the raffle and plant sale are, home brewed beer by neighbor Andy (a secondary raffle prize for a lucky 21 and over garden lover). You may also have an opportunity to sample some delicious baked goods and drinks.

One more thank you this week and it gets it’s own paragraph…

The City of Portland Community Watershed Stewardship Program (CWSP) has awarded the Foster Powell Community Garden a  $500 Native Plant Mini grant in the form of a Bosky Dell Natives gift certificate! You may ask, “Where are you going to put all of those natives? You just filled the hill!” The answer is in the plan. Our plan calls for cisterns surrounded by raised rain gardens. These plants are going to make our rain gardens rock! We can also fill in any gaps in our hill planting and replace plants as needed. So thank you so much to CWSP!

One last matter to discuss is the raffle. First Prize is the first (and currently only) 4’x8’x30″, cedar, raised-bed plot in the Foster Powell Community Garden. This includes water, soil, compost, amendments and veggie starts as we receive them. We also have tomato cages, stakes, tools and cold frame materials for you to use. “How do I enter right now?”, you may ask, and “How many times can I do so?” Calm down! I’ll tell you! You may enter as many times as you like for $1 per ticket. You may print this pdf page of tickets, fill out as many as you like and send a check made out to the Foster Powell Community Garden to:

Foster Powell Community Garden Raffle

3614 SE 62nd Ave

Portland, OR 97206

We need to have tickets in hand by 4pm on April 12th for the drawing. You can also fill out tickets at the sale on April 12th!


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