This weekend was important

This weekend was important.

First of all, thank you for the weeding help from two Mary’s and an Al (and welcome to the neighborhood). The front walk is looking incredible and it’s all about to come into bloom!

If you haven’t seen the new mural yet, there is more to come but here is the main gate:


John is still working on some of the painting and we will be adding a picket fence and all of those lovely neighbor-painted flowers just as soon as we can.

Yesterday was all about weeding, but today, we planted vegetables…and watered them with water we collected on site…for the first time:


Congratulations to Tracy Gratto, the winner of our raised bed raffle. A year’s use of this bed is her prize. The bed contains peas, rhubarb, onions, beets, kale and grape tomato-and there is still room for more!

Meanwhile, in the far corners of the garden (speaking of grapes), there’s this:


Yes, that is a concord grape vine and two of them are growing at the community garden. Who wants to have a “jam” session this Fall?

At the end of today, John and I took a moment to be happy with all that has happened in the past year. We had a shed built by Oregon Tradeswomen, collected 700 gallons of water on site, planted lots of flowers and over 50 native plants, started a bed with vegetables. We have an apple tree and grapes, a mural, we’ve been in the Oregonian , the Sellwood Bee and I guess this new piece in the Portland Tribune. We’ve received a small grant from EMSWCD, another from CWSP for more native plants and made lasting partnerships with Dennis’ 7 Dees and Recology Portland and more. We have been loved on by many local restaurants- Lily Day/Midpoint Cafe, Speedboat Coffee, Da Hui, Pieper’s Cafe, The Egg Carton…Also, there’s this blog. This is about the 70th post so if you are just joining us, feel free to browse back to the beginning. I have personally taken course on Naturescaping, Site Planning and Rain Gardens from EMSWCD and I can highly recommend their classes.

So as we marveled at the progress, we wished there were more people around to share the moment. Then we realized we were hungry. And what do we do when hungry? We go to Nayar Taqueria. We shared our triumph with Eliseo and he thanked us for our hard work…


WITH MARGARITAS! Best margarita ever! The burrito was also delicious.

Thanks to everyone who cheers us on, EMSWCD and the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association who funded the last year, SE Uplift who is our fiscal sponsor, our garden committee members, neighbors and businesses who support us, and more than 75 volunteers who we have had the pleasure of meeting and getting dirty with in the past year. Also,a big thanks to the FosterPowellPDX blog who always spreads the garden news far and wide.  The list is incomplete. If I hadn’t just had a margarita I’d be more thorough. Anyway, what was I saying…oh yeah, It’s the support and promise of more community engagement in the future that keeps this project going.


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