Let me start with the Garden Tour. This coming Saturday, June 21st is the 7th Annual Foster Powell Garden Tour. Please come visit the community garden as part of this 18 yard event.

Next, some retroactive thank you’s. In May we had a work party with Americorp volunteers from Franklin High School. Thank you so much to Peter, Patrick, Megan and Karen. The weeds were flying!


We also had a dirt donation from one of our Garden Tour hosts (Much thanks to the Garden of Earthly Delights). Their delightful dirt, along with those pesky pulled weeds has become our pumpkin patch, some pumpkin plants courtesy of A-Boy (thanks!). Watch it grow all summer and come for a harvest celebration in the Fall. I don’t want to count chics before they hatch but we should have some lovely jack-o-lantern types in white and orange for sale in October and proceeds will benefit the garden.


Speaking of chics, have you met the neighbors? I don’t mean Allyson, Andy or Frank. I mean the ladies:


Then we had more work parties! Friday was a John party. He filled the pumpkin patch with dirt and we got those pumpkins in. Saturday was a big neighborly family affair, though. The very vision of the garden was in full force. While Daniel and Dan pulled weeds, Andy went after the blackberries. John cut boards for beds down at the studio and the kids helped me paint the picket fence. More flower still to come. What a lovely day! Image

And now for some big news. Thanks to that incredible, stirring article in the Oregonian, the garden has received donations: $1700 from Willow & Tigger and $1000 from Elizabeth. Thank you so much to these generous garden lovers. I hope you will know how much this neighborhood appreciates this. We are still up for one more grant from the EMSWCD for a cistern, (more news to come soon) and Dennis’ 7 Dees will be donating a portion of their Fall Bazaar proceeds as a fundraiser, too. Midpoint Cafe is also planning to celebrate the garden with a volunteer appreciation celebration this summer! What does this mean? VOLUNTEERS! We need you more than ever because this vision is becoming a reality! What good is wood or dirt or plants if there aren’t enough people to build beds or put dirt and plants in them? This is a call for people! Now that we have some funds to get some work done, you-the neighbors who will love and cherish this place for years, are what we need most to succeed. An hour of your time, even once, will make a difference here!

The summer schedule is: 6-21 Garden Tour, 7-11, 7-12, 8-8, 8-9, 9-12 and 9-13

Remember, you can form your own work party with your friends or co-workers. Contact Vicki at to find out how!


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