Celebrating 40 with 10

A big round of applause to all of the volunteers who turned out for this months garden work parties: December, Mariah, Rey, Nick, Patty, Steve, Rachel, Alex, Kelly, Alex R., Linda, Meg, Eric, Garrett-and a special thanks to Sarah for bringing us cookies! I’m going to go ahead and name Patty and Steve our garden VIP’s this week since they came both full days and were integral to the work that got accomplished.

Some of these improvements come to you courtesy of our “angel donors” who responded to the recent Oregonian article! We couldn’t have done it without you and there is more to come! We also couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband John who has been preparing the donated wood short ends of the beds for the past several weeks in anticipation of the big PARR lumber order. Thanks is also due to PARR Lumber for a very generous discount and delivery. We now have 10 of the 20 planned raised beds built!

The weeding and mulching were a breath of fresh air for me, personally, on those very hot days. I always worry that what we are doing has not improved the appearance of the lot. Keeping the weeds down is extremely important!

There is still weeding to do in the flower beds. More wood chips will be arriving next week and we expect to install the first  cistern at next month’s work parties courtesy of a SPACE grant from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD). We also expect to have dirt for the 10 beds. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were there on that momentous occasion?

Perhaps you had wanted to come to the work parties this month but it was just too hot. There’s always the August and September work parties. The details are on the Events Page and we would love to see you. Also, you’ll want to start paying close attention to the website, Facebook and email as we will soon have plots available for rent. We expect the fee to be very reasonable: $20 a year + 10 hours of general garden upkeep per year. I suggest following the website, liking the Facebook page and joining our email list to be sure the sign up doesn’t escape your notice. 

This week I celebrated my 40th birthday. I celebrated with a community garden that has sprouted legs, generous people who care and close friends that I love. I regret nothing, and a Sunday afternoon thunderstorm with fat raindrops was the icing on the cake.

IMG_4243  IMG_4279  IMG_4287  IMG_4285  IMG_4277  IMG_4286

Top 4 pics: Bed installation

Bottom left: Alex plays cupid with an arrow we found in the grass

Bottom right: shed organization

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