Warning, reading this may break your eyes. If your eyes become hot or fatigued,just look at the pictures.

Hi garden peeps!

Don’t forget about the FO PO Fall Fest coming up at the garden on October 25th from 4-8 pm. There will be a costume contest, pumpkin carving, games, entertainment and refreshments! Fun for the whole family and a chance to see the garden as it becomes fully operational this Fall. Also, please mark your calendars Saturday, November 2nd from 10-3. The Powell Blvd. Dennis 7 Dee’s is having a craft bazaar and the Foster Powell Community Garden will be receiving a donation from the events proceeds.

Support for Dennis 7 Dee’s craft bazaar = support for the garden!

I get the feeling like my posts may be too long sometimes. I’m going to work on this. It’s hard! So much has been happening. I’m going to try to tell the story with pictures. There will inevitably be some words, too.

IMG_4989 IMG_4998IMG_5002 IMG_4996 The Phix Hair Studio on Powell came over and Phixed us good, raising $145 for garden projects! Some of the lovely locks removed belonged to a pretty awesome pair of heads from Red Castle Games-local business extraordinaire, several of your garden committee members, and the family Campbell. A big thanks to Alex, Leah, Lawrence, Catrina and Nancy from the Phix for all the snazzy do’s, the fun, and the bucks!

IMG_5008 IMG_4981 IMG_5009 IMG_5032

September work parties were well attended and productive. Thank you volunteers: Cascadia Health, Patty, no less than 3 Sara(h)s, Garrett and family, Cecilia, Andy, the family Montgomery, Suzanne, Miss Rita duBee, The all “powerful” Greazels, Ben, Alyssa Keny-Guyer (just our local state representative hucking concrete blocks with us, no big deal), James, John and, well hell, I’m gonna thank myself, too.


I barely made it to the annual tomato tasting at Dennis 7 Dee’s, but I got there in time to learn that my favorite cherry tomato (and favorite overall) is definitely the Snow White and that I am visually partial to yellow orange variegated colors of tomato. 50 varieties!

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1 Response to Warning, reading this may break your eyes. If your eyes become hot or fatigued,just look at the pictures.

  1. beachelf says:

    You broke my eyes. I will need cucumber slices to put over them when I get there.

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