October 25th Festivities Update

Rain or Shine, the Fo Po Fall Fest is on for Saturday, October 25th from 4-8pm. This is a celebration of our very special neighborhood garden being 1/2 way done and fully operational!

What kind of fun are we talking about?

  • A costume contest
  • A cake walk-homemade cakes, people!
  • Raffle prizes
  • Goodies, music and games
  • Face painting
  • Pumpkin carving station: BYOP or see what we have available. We can gut and cut/paint/decorate, we can gut and you cut/paint/decorate, you can gut and cut/paint/decorate. Leave the mess at our place!

Your donations are lovely, suggested and you will have opportunities to drop dollars right back into the garden, but joining us for fun and treats is free!

How can I help out?

  • A few more pop up canopies would come in real handy. Could we borrow yours for the night?
  • Any businesses still want to donate a nice raffle prize or a delicious treat? Yes, please!
  • Have any extra pumpkins laying around? How about hay bales? We could borrow or keep them.
  • Feeling talented and love an audience? Wandering minstrels and performers are welcome!

Please contact me asap so we can make it happen: 62ndgarden@gmail.com

Come out, and tell everyone you know to come as well!

See you at the garden party!

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