The Perfect Storm

In the hours leading up to the Fall Fest, we toyed with cancelling the event…

As we put the finishing touches on lighted canopies and decorated tables, the whole thing started going sideways, and I mean that pretty literally.

100_0579 IMG_5178

That’s when neighbors Allyson and Andy stepped in to offer their front porch as an alternative site! Just 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the event, we stripped the canopies and moved everything next door… and a good time was had by all. Our first annual Fall Fest and impromptu House party raised over $200 for garden activities and I’m pretty sure we greeted over 100 neighbors throughout the evening.

Special thanks to Allyson and Andy #1 (for house and cupcakes-we could not have done this without you), Sandy and Donna (my mom and sis who flew in from Virginia to help with the event), Cecilia (who baked 5 exquisite cakes and made countless other goodies), Monica and Jennifer from Midpoint Cafe for scrumptious rice krispy treats, John and Andy #2 (for setting it all up and taking it all down), Andy #3 and Chyna for letting us borrow canopies, SE Uplift for loaning us tables and chairs, Daniel for helping with clean up and a huge thanks to everyone who braved the weather to celebrate the garden with us.

The favorite garden t-shirt slogans are:

  • #1-Make peas with your neighbors
  • #2 FoPo gardeners do it in raised beds
  • #3 No rain, no gain.

“Cisterns are doin’ it for themselves” was a close 4th.

Our raffle winners have been chosen and all will be contacted this week:

  • Erica and Adrianna each get a bamboo vase
  • Margaret gets a ceramic pumpkin
  • and the ceramic platter was gone before I even saw who won it!

Don’t forget you can help support the garden by going to the Dennis 7 Dee’s craft bazaar on Saturday, November 1st from 10-3pm. Proceeds from the event production go to the Foster Powell Community Garden this year!

That’s a wrap, neighbors. Thank you.

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