The time has come…

Hi Garden lovers, Happy Sprin-ter!


(I see the typo on the banner, darn it, it has been fixed!)

Plot rentals-beds are available now! The first 9 beds are available to rent. There is a rental agreement/liability waiver to sign and the fee is $25 and 10 hours of volunteer service to the garden per year. The fees will help us maintain the garden and equipment once we stop getting grants. We’ll take inquiries until we have 9 agreements in place. I have no idea how long that will be this is a brand new thing! Here is the FPCG_rules_signatures and the FPCG_liability_waiver (fashioned after the Brooklyn Community Garden which is also an ODOT owned parcel). Please indicate if you would like to be considered for a scholarship bed (there is no fee but there is a 15 hour volunteer service per year commitment).

We need the support of new committee members: Is anyone out there interested in joining the committee for the community garden? We need more people who would be reliable/available a few hours a month to lead a work party, help plan a fundraising event or oversee a project. Bi-lingual or multi-lingual would be a real benefit! We meet occasionally. Please email immediately if you would like to join the committee:

Spring and Summer Work Parties: Work party times are based on the availability of John and Vicki (we could expand this if others are willing to take the lead). This Spring and Summer we intend to hold work parties from 10-2pm on the last Friday and Saturday of each month (March-September). Anyone can come out and help. You don’t need to be a plot holder or even live in the neighborhood to help us beautify this little corner of Portland.

March 27th and 28th, 10-2 Work Parties: It’s time to get a jump on the weeds, spread some mulch and, most importantly, Garrett need help raising the covered meeting area roof. We need some strong bodies for this task!

 April 19th, 9-3 Spring Plant Sale/Raffle/Fundraiser: We will be holding our annual Plant Sale and Fundraiser on the 3rd Sunday in April (April 19th) from 9-3pm. We rely on neighbors to bring us their extra divided plants and starts the day before so please start thinking about what you can donate and drop it off on Saturday April 18th between 9-3pm. We usually sell everything for $1 minimum donation per plant (unless they are super tiny or gigantic plants)

What’s the plan for Spring? The Foster Powell Community Garden has been awarded $2500 fro SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program. It’s almost enough to complete the garden if we spend it wisely. A couple good fundraisers should do the trick.

The new grant includes some deadlines and neighborhood involvement strategies that we will need to address such as:

  • Finishing the building of the community meeting area by the April Fundraiser/Plant Sale
  • We need to have at least one scholarship bed (for someone who can’t pay $25 a year but can do a little extra volunteer work) and one community food plot (that can be tended by all and donated regularly). We have purchased a small upright flower stand on wheels that we can lock outside of the gate to put extra produce on. It needs a bit of refurbishing…
  • We are aiming for mid-late summer completion of the entire garden layout of 20 beds, two cisterns with rain gardens and a covered meeting area! The beds we build this summer will be available in March 2016, once we have collected enough water to support them.

The Foster Powell Garden Tour and your Neighborhood Association: The Foster Powell Neighborhood Association, the people who bring you this community garden project, also put on an annual garden tour. It’s a lot of work and the tour grows and shrinks each year depending on how much help there is to organize it. If you would like to help out with the tour this year, please send an email to and I’ll pass the information along. The Foster Powell Neighborhood Association meets on the second Monday of each month, from 6:30-8pm at Foster Burger. Anyone can come. You don’t have to own a house! Also, people always say that the meetings are interesting and not what they expected from a neighborhood association meeting. This is an active and helpful group, not a bunch of whiners, and the FPNA has the answers to the questions I always see on NextDoor. What’s up with the Foster Streetscape? What’s up with that house being built on my street? What’s going on with crime?

To recap some important dates:

  • The first 9 garden beds are now available to rent. Rental is $25 and 10 hours of volunteer service to the garden per year.
  • Work parties will be from 10-2 the last Friday and Saturday of each month starting on March 27th and 28th (through September).
  • The annual plant sale and fundraiser will be Sunday, April 19th from 9-3pm. Bring us some plants to sell and then attend the sale for some great deals!
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