Some important stuff…

I have two things to talk about today so I hope you will read both parts of this email.

exchange-flyer-finalFirstly, I want to remind you of the Annual Spring Plant Sale and Raffle Fundraiser. It happens in the Foster Powell Community Garden this coming weekend! If you want to donate plants to the sale (starts or divisions from your yard, a bush you don’t want anymore…) please bring them on Saturday between 9 and 3pm. The sale and raffle will take place on Sunday April 19th from 9-3. We have a garden bed in the community garden and a ceramic platter to raffle but we are still open to tax deductible donations of raffle prizes and refreshments from any area businesses who might want to show their support. Looking forward to seeing you then for family fun, plant scores and support for the garden.

Secondly, the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association needs you.                  The Foster Powell Community Garden is a project of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association. I started attending meetings about 4 years ago after being invited to be a host on the garden tour, another of the FPNA’s projects. I have served officially as board secretary for the past two years. These past years of neighborhood service, my first as a homeowner, have been enlightening. This time has changed my life. I have met so many people, received their encouragement and had opportunities to understand what makes a neighborhood tick. I, like many of the board members of the FPNA, have found myself deeply engaged in the neighborhood by choice (perhaps over-engaged for my own part). We love our neighborhood but we are due for change. That is where you come in…

In addition to the community garden and the garden tour, the FPNA organizes the National Night Out Celebration, the Neighborhood Clean Up, the Foster Window Project (the Phoenix Pharmacy Mural), and the Movie in the Park you have enjoyed for the past few years (though not this year, as we did not have a volunteer to lead the event). At our monthly meeting we discuss an agenda of transportation issues (one board member has diligently served for 13 years on the Foster Streetscape committee), communications, crime and safety, local events. We have the answers to the questions that are posed daily on Next Door and Facebook groups and we do it face to face, as neighbors should. We are the access point between neighbors and the governmental agencies and what we say matters. Isn’t that just a little exciting?

Our neighborhood association board is turning over. Those who have served well need a break and it is time for us to be replaced. Perhaps you have just moved to the neighborhood, just retired, looking for a way to be involved…we need you. Perhaps you are studying government or city planning and would like some hands on experience for your resume…we need you. Perhaps you are starting a family and intend to stay in Fo-Po. You are going to want to be sure the neighborhood is safe and healthy…we need you. The time commitment of each position is small and the more hands we have, the lighter the work will be. We need four of our board positions filled at all times. There is a chance we might not make that requirement and the neighborhood association will have to disband. Our voice in local government will no longer be heard.

This is your neighborhood, whether you rent an apartment or own a home or business. You have noticed that the area is changing for the better, surely. How do you thing that happens? It’s us…it’s you. If you have an interest in becoming a board member of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association (or just attending the meetings without obligation), please join us at Foster Burger tonight, Monday, April 13th at 6:30 pm for our general meeting. If you can’t attend tonight, please contact the current co chair, Li Alligood at or Tracy Gratto or myself, Vicki Wilson at

Board Positions coming open soon:

  • Chair (open in May)
  • Co-Chair (open now)
  • Secretary (open in May)
  • Treasurer (open in May)

Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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2 Responses to Some important stuff…

  1. Kristin says:

    Thank you for the information! My husband and I live on Raymond, and I have a bunch of starts I’d like to donate to the sale. I’ve asked my gardening neighbors and they may also have some to share. I’ll bring them by on Saturday.

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