The annual Foster Powell Community Garden raffle and plant sale fundraiser is this Sunday, April 19th from 9-3.

We will have some excellent raffle prizes (tickets are $1 each):

  • One years use of Bed #1 in the community garden
  • A ceramic platter made so locally you can see the artist’s reflection over your shoulder as you look at it!
  • Gift certificates for our newest coffee shop, the Spritely Bean (also providing donated coffee refreshment at the sale because they are just that nice)
  • A gift certificate from The Lucky Larder at the Portland Mercado (good for admission to an introductory canning or fermentation class). You can check out The Lucky Larder FB page or website,

And don’t forget the PLANTS! It’s like a plant yard sale. Many neighbors have contributes starts, bulbs, trees and bushes. I understand some of our plants even came from Hillsboro (thanks for the love, Hillperson Carol!) If you’re in the mood to support your community garden, we are in the mood to make a deal and send you home with the plant of your dreams!

Got something to donate but didn’t make it in to the drop off? Aw, ok. Just bring it tomorrow, we don’t mind. Thrifty shoppers might consider an early and a late day trip to see what has shown up later…

I won’t really know until tomorrow but I expect there could be some baked goods and trinkets for sale, there will be neighborhood info available, sidewalk chalk for drawing on the cistern and who know what else…

Come! Walk around and look at the garden, hang out and chat with neighbors, admire the community meeting area, head home with good stuff!

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