May flowers

As we go into this lovely first May weekend, I bet most of us have green on the brain. Here are a few of the lovely scenes in the Foster Powell Community Garden right now. These images come courtesy of a great work party that happened last Saturday. Thanks to all of our volunteers that day, we got so much done. I’ve lost my list of volunteers but I remember about 8 people. I’ll revise this post if I find their names. The next work parties will be at the end of May. We’ll be preparing for the neighborhood garden tour which happens on June 20th this year so we’ll be finishing off some building projects as well as the usual weeding. Join us for some volunteer garden work and good-neighborly fun on Friday, May 29th and/or Saturday May 30th from 10-2pm.


a blurry shot of our first apple


community donation plot

a plot for growing food donations, thanks to neighbors Matt, Vicki, 7-Dees for the contents



look who’s home in the mason bee house! Thanks Jessica, for the bees and the knowledge!

may_flowers mayflowers2 pinwheel

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