July and August Work parties: We need your help!

IMG_20150620_101734_027[1]IMG_20150620_114257_393[1]IMG_20150620_113358_081[1] IMG_20150620_113858_320[1]It’s time to finish building the garden and we need all of our neighbors to pitch in. We have 4 work parties scheduled now through the end of August.

This coming Friday and Saturday (July 24th and 25th) from 10-2: These work parties are going to be about clearing space. We are expecting our second cistern to arrive in mid August so we won’t be finishing the beds until that monster has been placed. We need to get ready for the cistern and beds by moving wood piles, chip and dirt piles, finish the ramp for the meeting area, weed and cut down dry debris from the planting areas. Also, it’s about time we gave the natives on the hillside a drink if we want to see them next year!

August 28th and 29th (also Friday and Saturday from 10-2): These work parties are going to be the most fun. We’ll be placing the final 10 beds, filling them with dirt (using a DINGO) and hooking up our second cistern. These beds will be available for rental in February 2016 (once the cistern has had a good long drink) making the garden plan completely functional.

There are a few other projects on back burners and we’ll take all the help we can get to see these things come to life:

  • The free produce stand is ready, it just needs to be placed, locked to the outside of the gate and filled with fruit and veg.
  • A corn-hole game that we can bring out for garden events. I’m willing to make bean bags and provide some wood if anyone wants to make the box.
  • A ramp in front of the shed.
  • A greenhouse-probably not much of a budget to complete it and space permitting, whatever is left (of space and budget) once the beds and cistern are installed.
  • Potting bench (we have palette wood for this project).
  • Kids play area- we have log seats, paint and a kids kitchen.
  • A wooden picnic table (anybody got one to donate or want to build one for us?)

Also, don’t forget to participate in the Foster Window Project voting which is going on now through July 31st. Vote for your favorite story and help turn it into a 3-D window display on Foster Rd. in August!

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