A very late post…

I wrote this and meant to post it right after Fall Fest but my brain went all mushy. Here it is now because, well, people still need to be thanked!

Well, things really kicked into gear on Wednesday (that would be Wednesday October 21st, 2015). A big thanks to Maria for making the trek to Bosky Dell Natives with me. We had no problem spending our $500 mini-grant award from BES City of Portland. Some of last Fall’s plantings fared poorly due to the hot summer but it gave us a really good idea of what survives well on it’s own without watering. We replaced some of those more tender plants with duplicates of the hearty ones. We got more Coyote Bush, Flowering Currant and Evergreen Huckleberry (for different locations than we previously had them), lots of beach daisy, tufted hair grass and a lovely native cranberry bush. Angela and Lori at Bosky-Dell were so knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention, pretty Roo (who was more just a handsome dog than knowledgeable, but beauty is always helpful). We were also introduced to the Showy Milkweed and got some of those for the garden as well. What’s the big deal about Showy Milkweed? Ask a Monarch Butterfly (if you can find one) or check out: https://monarchbutterflygarden.net/milkweed-plant-seed-resources/asclepias-speciosa/ After the plant shopping spree, Maria and I had some lunch at Midpoint Cafe. Lovely Monica treated us to lunch as a show of volunteer appreciation. (I’m making a little heart shape with my hands).

Thursday I was alone but it gave me a chance to get things prepared for volunteers. Friday was just great. Thanks to Cesar for knocking out the planting, Liz for shoveling the bark mulch and to Jessica and family for building one last raised bed and carving pumpkins (we’ve had our first international volunteer all the way from Sweden! Thanks for your help, Lars!)

Also thanks to Andy for growing those pumpkins, Happy Camel, Fired In the Rain and Red Castle Games for the raffle prizes, Laugh at Linus for the music and various neighbors who brought snacks. HUGE thanks to SE Uplift and EMSWCD. The garden received a Neighborhood Small Grant from SE Uplift and a SPACE grant from EMSWCD in 2015 that allowed us to complete all of the construction plans we had for the garden and throw this swell party. As you know, the Fall Fest came and went. Here is some of what my camera caught from the day:

One more thank you before we move forward: Thank you, Dennis’s 7 Dees and crafters. For the second year, a donation of craft show booth fees was made to the Foster Powell Community Garden. This year it was over $400. 7 Dees has been such a great supporter of the garden through these donations as well as plants and seeds. BIG KISSES!

So what’s next?

  • Start looking for the 2016 plot rental announcement in Late February. The beds are first come first serve and we have quite a few new ones that will be available. Last year we were full within 1 week! They are $25 a year and, most importantly, 10+ hours of volunteer service to the garden (each plot is responsible for an area of the garden and tasks). I’ll be posting the announcement here, sharing it on Facebook and to the garden mailing list and there will be a sign at the garden.
  • Our annual fundraiser and bed raffle (one last chance to get a bed or another nice prize) will be on Sunday, April 17th. You can help out by starting some plants for us to sell or digging or dividing something pretty, help out on the day and by buying some starts and divisions donated by your neighbors. (This year, please, no bushes or trees that can’t be moved by one person). I’ve already got a rack of beans and squash poking their little heads up! We already have some dirt filled pots at the garden if you need em.
  • Annual June FOPO Garden Tour. I don’t really have details about it yet but I feel confident it will be happening for the 8th year and your community garden will be at the heart of it.

See you soon!


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  1. Rita Leonard says:

    Nice update, Vicki!

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