BEDS ARE FULL! Community events are around the corner!

The garden beds are FULL for 2016-17! Did you really want a bed but snoozed (and therefore lose-d)? There is one more way to get one…enter the Raffle for Bed #1 at the Spring Plant Sale and Fundraiser on Sunday, April 17th 9-3.

Want to help with this year’s garden fundraiser? Here’s how:

  • Bring some of your extra garden starts or plant divisions to the garden all day on Saturday, April 16th. NO TREES OR LARGE SHRUBS PLEASE! (Large means it cannot be moved easily by one person with a kind of bad back).
  • Come buy some yard-sale priced plants on the 17th, get a raffle ticket (for a garden bed or garden art) and hang out in the garden for a while.
  • If you are a local coffee slinger, please donate something delicious to drink or nibble!

Also, mark your calendars for the (what is this, the 9th?) Annual FoPo Garden Tour on Saturday, June 18th! We’ll be announcing how to get involved soon!

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of the supportive neighbors who have made this garden happen. We have just reached the really, really finished mark and the garden is now doing its thing. This weekend I wandered down and found the gate open and several gardeners greening up their thumbs. As I walked in, Erin and Henry were just passing by and stopped in to have a look around. Henry was so preoccupied with the kids’ area that Erin asked if there was any weeding she could do! Now that’s what I call organic!

Many people have asked when this year’s work parties will be and I have to say, I’m not planning on continuing to organize them. They were needed to build the garden and we did it! Time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If we really need one, I will plan a community work party for early Fall, but the plan is that the plot holders will keep the garden beautiful, however, anyone can assist in keeping the sidewalk area beautiful and if you really want to do a project for us, email me!



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