Our yearly fundraiser has been put to bed.

IMG_1011[1]It was a small but varied sale this year. We had lots of great veggie starts including some surprise Brandywines, succulents, iris, lily, raspberries, annual and perennial flowers, cactus and other houseplants. We even had a Hops plant! I couldn’t believe it got passed over so we planted it to grow on the meeting area in the garden. I…can’t…wait. We saw lots of neighbors and gave some great deals on neighborhood plants. Thank you all for helping us raise $175 for the community garden. Once we look at the figures, I think we may be purchasing some sitting area furniture. I sincerely hope that, when neighbors see the gates unlocked (sorry, we have to keep it locked when no gardeners are on site), you will stroll in and enjoy the garden. You can even dig around in the community bed if you need to get a dirt fix.

Special thanks to plot holders Kyr and Cierra for their help, and to the Spritely Bean who provided coffee and lemonade and gift certificates for the raffle. It was a real treat and definitely, a lemonade kind of day. We also had great prizes from Dennis’ 7 Dees and from me (Fired in the Rain).

A little magic was in the air as Nicole from Dennis’ 7 Dees mused that they should have an employee bed in the garden. Sure enough, they won the raised bed raffle! I can’t wait to see what happens in Bed #1 this year and I look forward to even stronger ties with our neighborhood garden center!

All in all, it was a very pleasant, very windy day. I have to thank neighbor Garrett, again. Garrett built our fortress of a meeting area last year. It’s well documented that every time we have an event in the garden, we experience torrential rain, wind or both. Now that we are not pitching canopies anymore, weather be damned!

Also, Lisa? If you see this…please come get the plants you bought!


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