Fall Forward

Is it too early to say the word “Fall”? I’d like to thank our hot weather volunteers, who gave more time than we could have expected on such a day. Thanks to neighbors and plot holders: Nick, Donnie, Dana, Kyr, Keri, Andy, Cesar and Sebastian. The garden seems nearly ready for Fall and all of the changes that it may hold…

The garden is at a transitional point. I want to speak to you from my heart, now. The garden was conceived from my household, proposals and grants written, construction designed and planned, advertised, with lots of hours and broken body days…but it was never supposed to be for my household. It was supposed to be for the neighborhood. It was always our intention to nurture the garden until it could operate without us. Is there anyone who can succeed us now that the groundwork has been laid? Is there anyone out there who can continue this work and add their own vision? Are there 5 or 6 people who could split the work that we currently do?

This is a great place that was built with many, many hands over the years. It has succeeded, but further success is only possible if others take the reigns. Please join us for a very important committee-forming meeting in September. If you can spare a couple hours a month, have the ability to commit to a year of service and want to ensure the success of the Foster Powell Community Garden, please join us now.

Monday, September 12th, 8:00pm, Foster Burger.

We’ll meet just after the Neighborhood Association General Meeting concludes.


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