Fruitful changes in store for next year


The Foster Powell Community Garden is changing a bit. In an effort to streamline the oversight for the next director and a newly formed committee, and to waste less food than the individual beds do, we’ve decided to start converting the site to an orchard. This means that instead of seeking new gardeners as we have attrition, we’ll be converting their plots to espaliered fruit trees. It looks like we’ll want to put in 6-10 trees, or more, this coming February. We’re just starting to formulate this plan as the new committee continues to meet monthly over the Winter (after the Foster-Powell Neighborhood General meetings, second Monday of each month, 8pm, Foster Burger-we’re always happy to add you to this committee).

Imagine what this could mean! Garden beds active year-round, less water use and maintenance-eventually, simplified soil needs. It could mean the possibility of coordinated picking efforts that would result in neighbors meeting, getting some fruit and making substantial donations to our nearby food pantry. (By the way, anyone can donate to St Marks Lutheran, here, 3-5:30 every Friday)

Plan on joining us early next Spring for some subtle reinventing and to take ownership of your neighborhood garden.


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