Good Apples and Guilds

Happy 2017 everyone. We hope you are warm and happy on these slushy, mushy, NW winter days.We’d like to welcome some new committee members to the garden. Amy, Melissa and Mark (the good apples of which I speak) are each taking a little piece of the garden administration to tame. We’re looking forward to the affects of their energy. Perhaps you will start to hear from them on this website, too!

Here’s something to look forward to as we come out of hibernation:

FPCG-2017-schedule-front You will likely see print versions of this floating around the neighborhood, too. Once you’re in the know, come get in the dirt! You can help us out now by starting some extra veggies to sell at our annual April fundraiser.

You’ve noticed that we are planning to put fruit trees in some of the raised beds. An enlightening conversation with Andrew Land of Friend of Trees has set us on our path to persimmon, fig, hardy kiwi, paw paw, grapes and plums. Do you know what a Fruit Tree Guild is? It’s a group of beneficial plants that are placed in the “drop zone” of a fruit tree to help confuse parasites, attract beneficial insects, add nutrients to and increase moisture at the roots. Some of these plants are: chickory, comfrey, yarrow, chives, clover, oregano and alfalfa. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to care for a fruit tree? Here’s a little video about it.

Finally, we are always looking for interested neighbors to join the garden committee or help us out on an event-by-event basis. We are meeting every month, following the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association General Meeting. The general meeting is at 6:30pm and the garden meeting is at 8pm, on the second Monday of each month, at Foster Burger. If you have questions, email us at:

Peace, love and paw paw




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