Stretch, Yawn, Shiver


Thank you to the 25 neighbors who volunteered part of a rainy-snowy, Sunday to help wake up our community garden.I didn’t get everyone’s names this time and I only got one image of the day. It was a busy time! We were comforted by the nourishment of coffee and bagels from Henry Higgin’s Boiled Bagels and by neighbor Andy’s fire pit. Thanks also to Donnie, for supplying wood. Nothing makes such a difference during a Portland Winter as coffee and fire.

The star of the day was certainly our Orchard Master, Mark. He had the job of pouring over catalogs, seeking advice from the professionals and choosing the right fruit for our space. We already had a fig tree, a grape, some straggler raspberries and strawberries, and a native cranberry bush for the birds. Now we have added three plum trees, a persimmon, a paw paw, a second grape vine, two blueberries and a pair of kiwi-all in raised beds. Look for the arbor as Spring arrives. It may be years before we see the yield, but we will all enjoy the journey.

Long time supporter of the garden, Rita of the Sellwood Bee, came out to get the scoop and some images. We were also visited by neighbor Kimberly, the owner of Local 66 Bar and Grill (where Dickey Don’tz used to be). Kimberly wants to offer support to her new neighborhood! Always grateful for our friendly neighborhood businesses.

You may notice that we have removed the gate mural. The view inside is so much better than when we started, we hope you like what you see. As Spring finds us, we’ll do a little something with the gate to tie the place together. Now that you can see it better,  you’re probably wondering how you can get involved. Here’s the current lowdown:

  • We don’t have any plots available at this time but we can add you to the wait list if you send an email to:
  • You do not need to have a plot to be a regular volunteer or be on the committee. We meet monthly after the general Foster Powell Neighborhood meeting (second Monday, Foster Burger, 8pmish). We are always looking for leadership and help with our communications, finance and operations committees.
  • We are not looking for wads of cash or donated items at this time. What we need now, and always, are your warm bodies on the site. Come to events and volunteer a bit of your time to keep the place going!
  • Our events calendar is available in many local businesses and on the web and facebook pages. Our next event is our Annual Fundraiser-our only fundraiser of the year. It’s a very neighborly plant sale and raffle. We invite neighbors to grow starts and donate divided plants the day before (drop off is Saturday April 15th, 9-3) . The next day we sell the plants at yard sale prices and hold a raffle of prizes from neighborhood businesses. There may also be refreshments.



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