Introductions & Updates

Greetings Neighbors,

Alas, I sit down to write a little update as the new community garden manager.  I’m Stacey (not Beyonce) — a plain old neighbor with a heart for living things, and the ambition to think she could keep up with the beautiful project born of the imagination and will of Vicki Wilson & John Larson.  The garden is meant to go on, and it is my hope that I contribute to it in a meaningful way.

Admittedly, the first couple of months has been a bit frenzied (due to the way time passes when you are simultaneously planning your own wedding), but the future is very exciting.  I’ve been slowly meeting the gardeners, and learning what works (and doesn’t) when it comes to promoting garden events.  Being more of a quiet type, and less of a promoter type, I have had to rely on a little help from my friends.

The first official event I was able to attend was the 2017 Annual Plant Sale and Fundraiser, which was really fun.  There is more about it in a previous post (from Vicki), but I thought I’d share this colorful photo of Mark, one of the gardeners working on a painting project:


After that, we had the first Community Work Party of the year.  We had the help of a few of our regular gardeners (Amy, Donnie, Gray, and Mark) and the additional support of several members of the fopo run club.  It was pretty incredible to see what could be accomplished when a community comes together.  A special shout-out to my soon-to-be husband, Bruce Obog, for showing up to manage the day.  I couldn’t physically be there because of a commitment scheduled months before I took on this project, but I was very much there in spirit.  They filled up several bins, and we are still working on hauling away all of our extra compost.  Check this out:


(From left to right: Gray, Bruce, Jason, Natalia, April, Brandon, and Mark)

And finally, we have the 10th Annual FoPo Garden Tour on the docket for tomorrow morning!   The community garden is but a stop on the tour, and an excellent place to get information and purchase raffle tickets.  The FoPo Garden Tour is raffling away yet another beautiful piece of pottery donated by Vicki Wilson.  The tour is from 10-2.  Come by and say hello!






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