From One Season to the Next

Greetings, friends!

We had our final official garden event of the year on September 23rd whence we did some clean up, and shared a little time together.  The crowd was small, but the work we were able to accomplish together was tremendous.  One of our biggest accomplishments was moving and spreading this giant pile of mulch —

IMG_3709Here we have Jason, Rob, and Allen, working hard…

We had a few of our regular gardeners (Donnie, Mark, and Rob) come to help out.  Three awesome men whom I am glad to have the chance to get to know.   And thankfully, we had some community members come along to help out too — out of the graciousness of their hearts!   We owe a huge thank you to Aaron, Allen, Bruce, Jason, Jenn, Kathey and Vagrant.  We also had a surprise drop in from our very own Vicki and John.  It was lovely to see them in the garden again, even if just for a bit.  And finally, Jessica, our old neighbor also stopped by to catch up.


From Left to Right – Vagrant, Jason, and Mark

In addition to moving the monstrosity of a mulch pile, we were also able to cut down some weeds, beautify the front entryway quite a lot, and give some of our native plants around the perimeter of the garden some much needed TLC.

We ended the day with a small potluck lunch.  During our time together several people shared great ideas for promoting the garden.  One woman, Kathey, is stepping up to care for the kiwi trees.  They didn’t do so well this year, but she has the enthusiasm to carry the dream forward, which is the sort of thing the garden needs.  John had the fun idea of growing pumpkins for fall next year, and having some sort of harvest party.  Jason had the excellent idea of making some garden stickers, and other ‘promotional’ material.

What ideas do you have?  We welcome them.  Or, perhaps you have the heart and energy to make some of these other ideas come to fruition?   In addition to the ideas above, there are opportunities ranging from maintenance/carpentry work, promoting our garden on social media, and of course numerous projects surrounding plant life.  Let us know!






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