Where is the garden? We do not have a numerical address. We are located at the SE corner of SE 62nd Ave and Powell Blvd.

I’m Vicki and I’ve been coordinating this community garden effort but will be announcing a new director soon…

Please contact us to join the email list, or if you have questions or comments at:

Please take a moment to like our Facebook Page and follow our website


10 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Ruth says:

    Could you use 0.5 cubic yards of sand? I bought too much. Ruth

    • 62ndgarden says:

      I’m sure we could put it somewhere. We’ll use it for weed suppression if nothing else. Just need to find a good spot to dump it. Can you deliver?

  2. Ruth says:

    Guess I could deliver it. May I leave it outside the gate?

    • 62ndgarden says:

      We are trying to discourage things left outside the gate. I have to personally attend to anything that gets left outside the gate and several times the thing that was left was not even something we could use. I’ll email and set up a time with you. Thanks! Vicki

  3. Jill says:

    Exciting concept.

  4. Julie Wang says:

    I have seen some talk about plant swapping on NextDoor and am interested in swapping but I thought maybe we could use it as an opportunity to raise a little money for the garden. Perhaps on one of your volunteer work days host a swap and have people pay $1 or more to participate. I need to divide plants and I know you all aren’t doing another plant sale until next spring. Hopefully this can work with too much additional work to you all. Maybe we can do fruit and veggie swaps too?

    • 62ndgarden says:

      I’m happy for this to happen again, and again! We can promote it on the website and provide the space but I would need someone else to organize it. It was quite an undertaking and I have my work cut out for me this summer already!

  5. china says:

    still have LOTS of rasp berry plants on standby for you. I will dig and bring some when ready. Prepare a place to be nice and upright or along fence line , etc. If no time now, create a linear area and compost heavily, pile weeds, grass and leaves . kill a path for a spring thing . Re rake and move pile in early spring as needed. 503-548-9207
    PS I am working Vegfest NW 9/27-28 are you interested ? cool festival

  6. rachel says:

    Hi! I live in the neighborhood and wanted to come work/learn. So you all need help, not great with plant knowledge but am great with direction!

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