Fall Forward

Is it too early to say the word “Fall”? I’d like to thank our hot weather volunteers, who gave more time than we could have expected on such a day. Thanks to neighbors and plot holders: Nick, Donnie, Dana, Kyr, Keri, Andy, Cesar and Sebastian. The garden seems nearly ready for Fall and all of the changes that it may hold…

The garden is at a transitional point. I want to speak to you from my heart, now. The garden was conceived from my household, proposals and grants written, construction designed and planned, advertised, with lots of hours and broken body days…but it was never supposed to be for my household. It was supposed to be for the neighborhood. It was always our intention to nurture the garden until it could operate without us. Is there anyone who can succeed us now that the groundwork has been laid? Is there anyone out there who can continue this work and add their own vision? Are there 5 or 6 people who could split the work that we currently do?

This is a great place that was built with many, many hands over the years. It has succeeded, but further success is only possible if others take the reigns. Please join us for a very important committee-forming meeting in September. If you can spare a couple hours a month, have the ability to commit to a year of service and want to ensure the success of the Foster Powell Community Garden, please join us now.

Monday, September 12th, 8:00pm, Foster Burger.

We’ll meet just after the Neighborhood Association General Meeting concludes.


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101 degrees on our Work party Day!

We’re going to start at 8am and work until 2pm tomorrow, instead of 10-4, due to the excessive heat later in the day. We’ll have water on hand! We’re so thankful for your help.

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Help out at the garden this Saturday. Potluck and Prizes!

The garden could really use your help this weekend as we spruce the place up for Fall. It takes a village to maintain this garden! Saturday August 20th, 10-4. We’ll have a potluck lunch and raffle prizes!Bring tools and gloves or use ours.

Also, join the garden steering committee on September 12th after the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association General Meeting (about 8pm at Foster Burger). What are we steering? The future of the garden. Some new ideas for the evolution of the space are on the table and those who attend the meeting will decide.

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Mid Summer Reflections

It’s our first full year of operations. A year ago this week we were installing the last of the beds and the second cistern… It’s going pretty well, I’d say. I’m still adjusting to my new role as chief cat herder-not my mileux. I’d rather be building something than tracking expenses and wagging a finger at rule breakers. Nonetheless, we seem to be proving the feasibility of the space. Here it is mid July and, even with leaky pumps, we have used less than 1/3 of our water stores and many of the beds are showing great results. We’ve had a great garden tour, purchased tools and a nice picnic table from local company SouthStorm Now it’s time to get some to get some work done and we’d love help from our neighbors. Please join us on August 20th from 10-4 for a work party and potluck lunch. We’ll be deadheading, weeding, mulching, repairing structures and eating whatever food our good neighbors bring. This is a great opportunity to get to know neighbors and learn about our unique garden. In the meantime, here’s a look around the garden, one year on:













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Garden Tour Maps are here!

Learn what garden hosts do to get the most out of their small spaces.  Below is a map you can print, or pick one up at Foster Burger, Dennis’ 7 Dees or the Holgate Library!



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Garden Tour is coming: June 18th 10-2


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Our yearly fundraiser has been put to bed.

IMG_1011[1]It was a small but varied sale this year. We had lots of great veggie starts including some surprise Brandywines, succulents, iris, lily, raspberries, annual and perennial flowers, cactus and other houseplants. We even had a Hops plant! I couldn’t believe it got passed over so we planted it to grow on the meeting area in the garden. I…can’t…wait. We saw lots of neighbors and gave some great deals on neighborhood plants. Thank you all for helping us raise $175 for the community garden. Once we look at the figures, I think we may be purchasing some sitting area furniture. I sincerely hope that, when neighbors see the gates unlocked (sorry, we have to keep it locked when no gardeners are on site), you will stroll in and enjoy the garden. You can even dig around in the community bed if you need to get a dirt fix.

Special thanks to plot holders Kyr and Cierra for their help, and to the Spritely Bean who provided coffee and lemonade and gift certificates for the raffle. It was a real treat and definitely, a lemonade kind of day. We also had great prizes from Dennis’ 7 Dees and from me (Fired in the Rain).

A little magic was in the air as Nicole from Dennis’ 7 Dees mused that they should have an employee bed in the garden. Sure enough, they won the raised bed raffle! I can’t wait to see what happens in Bed #1 this year and I look forward to even stronger ties with our neighborhood garden center!

All in all, it was a very pleasant, very windy day. I have to thank neighbor Garrett, again. Garrett built our fortress of a meeting area last year. It’s well documented that every time we have an event in the garden, we experience torrential rain, wind or both. Now that we are not pitching canopies anymore, weather be damned!

Also, Lisa? If you see this…please come get the plants you bought!


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