Garden Tour is coming: June 18th 10-2


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Our yearly fundraiser has been put to bed.

IMG_1011[1]It was a small but varied sale this year. We had lots of great veggie starts including some surprise Brandywines, succulents, iris, lily, raspberries, annual and perennial flowers, cactus and other houseplants. We even had a Hops plant! I couldn’t believe it got passed over so we planted it to grow on the meeting area in the garden. I…can’t…wait. We saw lots of neighbors and gave some great deals on neighborhood plants. Thank you all for helping us raise $175 for the community garden. Once we look at the figures, I think we may be purchasing some sitting area furniture. I sincerely hope that, when neighbors see the gates unlocked (sorry, we have to keep it locked when no gardeners are on site), you will stroll in and enjoy the garden. You can even dig around in the community bed if you need to get a dirt fix.

Special thanks to plot holders Kyr and Cierra for their help, and to the Spritely Bean who provided coffee and lemonade and gift certificates for the raffle. It was a real treat and definitely, a lemonade kind of day. We also had great prizes from Dennis’ 7 Dees and from me (Fired in the Rain).

A little magic was in the air as Nicole from Dennis’ 7 Dees mused that they should have an employee bed in the garden. Sure enough, they won the raised bed raffle! I can’t wait to see what happens in Bed #1 this year and I look forward to even stronger ties with our neighborhood garden center!

All in all, it was a very pleasant, very windy day. I have to thank neighbor Garrett, again. Garrett built our fortress of a meeting area last year. It’s well documented that every time we have an event in the garden, we experience torrential rain, wind or both. Now that we are not pitching canopies anymore, weather be damned!

Also, Lisa? If you see this…please come get the plants you bought!


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Spring Plant Sale and Fundraiser on Sunday, April 17th 9-3.

A mellow, mild, sunny day…refreshments from the Spritely Bean…plants and raffle to support the neighborhood garden.

Raffle Prizes:

Want to help with this year’s garden fundraiser? Here’s how:

  • Bring some of your extra garden starts or plant divisions to the garden all day on Saturday, April 16th. NO TREES OR LARGE SHRUBS PLEASE! (Large means it cannot be moved easily by one person with a kind of bad back).
  • Come buy some yard-sale priced plants on Sunday, the 17th, get a $1 raffle ticket and hang out in the garden for a while.
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BEDS ARE FULL! Community events are around the corner!

The garden beds are FULL for 2016-17! Did you really want a bed but snoozed (and therefore lose-d)? There is one more way to get one…enter the Raffle for Bed #1 at the Spring Plant Sale and Fundraiser on Sunday, April 17th 9-3.

Want to help with this year’s garden fundraiser? Here’s how:

  • Bring some of your extra garden starts or plant divisions to the garden all day on Saturday, April 16th. NO TREES OR LARGE SHRUBS PLEASE! (Large means it cannot be moved easily by one person with a kind of bad back).
  • Come buy some yard-sale priced plants on the 17th, get a raffle ticket (for a garden bed or garden art) and hang out in the garden for a while.
  • If you are a local coffee slinger, please donate something delicious to drink or nibble!

Also, mark your calendars for the (what is this, the 9th?) Annual FoPo Garden Tour on Saturday, June 18th! We’ll be announcing how to get involved soon!

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of the supportive neighbors who have made this garden happen. We have just reached the really, really finished mark and the garden is now doing its thing. This weekend I wandered down and found the gate open and several gardeners greening up their thumbs. As I walked in, Erin and Henry were just passing by and stopped in to have a look around. Henry was so preoccupied with the kids’ area that Erin asked if there was any weeding she could do! Now that’s what I call organic!

Many people have asked when this year’s work parties will be and I have to say, I’m not planning on continuing to organize them. They were needed to build the garden and we did it! Time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If we really need one, I will plan a community work party for early Fall, but the plan is that the plot holders will keep the garden beautiful, however, anyone can assist in keeping the sidewalk area beautiful and if you really want to do a project for us, email me!



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The gift of greens!

There is a big bunch of kale and broccoli in the veggie stand. Swing by and help yourself to some fresh greens!

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2 beds left-Plant Sale Fundraiser is April 17th

Only two beds remain! I’m surprised that this is the case. We are doing our best to reach those who need and want them. Once they are gone, they are gone for a year, but don’t despair! If you miss getting one of the last two beds, you can enter the raffle drawing for a year in Bed #1, which we always reserve and raffle off at the Plant Sale Fundraiser on Sunday April 17th, 9-3. If you want to help with our fundraiser, bring us your divided plants and extra starts on the April 16th, come back on the 17th and get some great deals on your neighbors plants! We cannot accept large bushes or trees. Go to the GET A PLOT tab of this site to find out how to get a plot.

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Thirteen plots are now available for the March 2016-February 2017 year!                        They are 4’x8’x2’ cedar beds filled with 4 way soil from Mt. Scott Fuel and lined with plastic sheeting. Wide, flat paths can accommodate a wheel chair. Before you sign up for a bed, be sure you know what you are getting into:

  • Did you know that the FPCG is built up from an asphalt lot and that all of our water comes from two cisterns? That makes us extremely water conservative. Can you handle that?
  • Did you know our property is owned by ODOT (who permit the use of the land to the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association) and that there are likely still tanks beneath the asphalt from a gas station in the 60’s? We will never be de-paving this lot!
  • Did you know that you will be expected to participate in volunteer garden maintenance, about 10 hours a year, in addition to the plot rental fee of $25? We also have two events, April 17th and June 19th, that we need help with. Are you ready to help?
  • Did you know that the reason for this unlikely garden is to bring energy and beauty to one of the busy entrances to the Foster-Powell neighborhood? Can you bring it?
  • Did you know that what we are doing here is a bit experimental? An orientation/potluck on March 20th will tell you all about it. Are you ready to learn about native plants, cisterns and rain gardens?
  • Did you know that you don’t have to own a home or live in the neighborhood to participate in this or any neighborhood association activity. We hope to have some apartment dwellers/renters and people who could use some outdoor space. All are welcome.

If this excites you and you’re ready to commit to a plot for this year, here’s what you do:                                                                                                                                                       Print out the FPCG_liability_waiver and the last page of the FPCG_rules_signatures. READ, sign and deliver them to the address listed on the rules page, with your check for $25 made out to SE Uplift (our neighborhood fiscal sponsor) and put Foster Powell Community Garden in the memo line.

Plots are first come, first serve and they may go fast. I recommend hand delivering your request to my mailbox (a block from the garden-address is on the signature page)! You’ll get a confirmation email in about a day. Another announcement will be circulated when we are full.

Looking forward to gardening and building community with you this year!



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