This project of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association is being fiscally sponsored by SE Uplift so your donation will be tax deductible! Money that is donated to this project will be used to make improvements to the garden and pay for events. All of the organizers of this project are volunteers. To make a monetary donation, please contact Anne Dufay, Executive Director at SE Uplift: 503-232-0010 x 311,

What else could we use?

Your time. Make time to become a gardener with us, or spend a few hours at a work party or event. We made this place for you, the neighbors. Stay informed by getting on the mailing list, liking our facebook page and following this website.

We are well stocked on tools and all of the major structures have been completed. We’d like to ask that you PLEASE do not leave any donations or plants at our front gate (or, indeed, throw them over our fence). We need very few and very specific needs. If you leave us things we can’t use, we have to manage them and/or dispose of them.

Thank you so much! Contact Vicki at:



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