2 beds left-Plant Sale Fundraiser is April 17th

Only two beds remain! I’m surprised that this is the case. We are doing our best to reach those who need and want them. Once they are gone, they are gone for a year, but don’t despair! If you miss getting one of the last two beds, you can enter the raffle drawing for a year in Bed #1, which we always reserve and raffle off at the Plant Sale Fundraiser on Sunday April 17th, 9-3. If you want to help with our fundraiser, bring us your divided plants and extra starts on the April 16th, come back on the 17th and get some great deals on your neighbors plants! We cannot accept large bushes or trees. Go to the GET A PLOT tab of this site to find out how to get a plot.

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2 Responses to 2 beds left-Plant Sale Fundraiser is April 17th

  1. Sue says:

    Are there any plants you don’t want for the event on Saturday?

    • 62ndgarden says:

      THE EVENT IS ON SUNDAY! We do NOT want trees (at all) or shrubs larger than 1 person can carry and we don’t want invasive species: ivy and Himilayan blackberry especially. Thanks for asking!

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