Tomorrow, Sunday, February 26th from 10-2

Please join us for the waking of the garden and the planting of fruit trees. We have work gloves and many tools. Cordless drills w/ Phillips-head driver bits are like unicorns. If you have one, please do bring it! Looking forward to seeing some neighbors, having some delicious coffee and bagels from Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels and enjoying the memory of that time we had sunshine. Rain or shine, as is the way in Portland 🙂IMG_1433.JPG

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Good Apples and Guilds

Happy 2017 everyone. We hope you are warm and happy on these slushy, mushy, NW winter days.We’d like to welcome some new committee members to the garden. Amy, Melissa and Mark (the good apples of which I speak) are each taking a little piece of the garden administration to tame. We’re looking forward to the affects of their energy. Perhaps you will start to hear from them on this website, too!

Here’s something to look forward to as we come out of hibernation:

FPCG-2017-schedule-front You will likely see print versions of this floating around the neighborhood, too. Once you’re in the know, come get in the dirt! You can help us out now by starting some extra veggies to sell at our annual April fundraiser.

You’ve noticed that we are planning to put fruit trees in some of the raised beds. An enlightening conversation with Andrew Land of Friend of Trees has set us on our path to persimmon, fig, hardy kiwi, paw paw, grapes and plums. Do you know what a Fruit Tree Guild is? It’s a group of beneficial plants that are placed in the “drop zone” of a fruit tree to help confuse parasites, attract beneficial insects, add nutrients to and increase moisture at the roots. Some of these plants are: chickory, comfrey, yarrow, chives, clover, oregano and alfalfa. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to care for a fruit tree? Here’s a little video about it.

Finally, we are always looking for interested neighbors to join the garden committee or help us out on an event-by-event basis. We are meeting every month, following the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association General Meeting. The general meeting is at 6:30pm and the garden meeting is at 8pm, on the second Monday of each month, at Foster Burger. If you have questions, email us at: 62ndgarden@gmail.com.

Peace, love and paw paw




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Fruitful changes in store for next year


The Foster Powell Community Garden is changing a bit. In an effort to streamline the oversight for the next director and a newly formed committee, and to waste less food than the individual beds do, we’ve decided to start converting the site to an orchard. This means that instead of seeking new gardeners as we have attrition, we’ll be converting their plots to espaliered fruit trees. It looks like we’ll want to put in 6-10 trees, or more, this coming February. We’re just starting to formulate this plan as the new committee continues to meet monthly over the Winter (after the Foster-Powell Neighborhood General meetings, second Monday of each month, 8pm, Foster Burger-we’re always happy to add you to this committee).

Imagine what this could mean! Garden beds active year-round, less water use and maintenance-eventually, simplified soil needs. It could mean the possibility of coordinated picking efforts that would result in neighbors meeting, getting some fruit and making substantial donations to our nearby food pantry. (By the way, anyone can donate to St Marks Lutheran, here, 3-5:30 every Friday)

Plan on joining us early next Spring for some subtle reinventing and to take ownership of your neighborhood garden.


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We need committee members! Could you be one? Come to the next meeting!

Hi garden friends. A meeting was held just after the September Foster Powell Neighborhood Meeting to try to form a committee to eventually replace me and John (we are ready for new adventures). The meeting was not well attended and a committee was not formed! If we are unable to form a committee within the neighborhood association, we will find ourselves returning the site to ODOT!
Here’s what I had prepared for the last meeting. We’ll try this again after the October NA meeting (Monday, October 10th at 8pm, Foster Burger)


The committee will meet monthly, after NA meetings to shape the mission and activities of the garden. Be prepared to spend an additional 2-4 hours completing committee tasks each month. Committee members may or may not be plot holders. If they are plot holders, committee service replaces minimum volunteer service requirement.


  • PR-Publicizing events, opportunities and work parties. Website updates, Facebook and neighborhood social media. Making posters and handbills and overseeing distribution of advertising materials for all events. Gets info to NA.
  • Community Liaison-Works with SE Uplift, ROSE and PDC to spread information to under-served communities. Get translations for fliers and website in several languages common to our neighborhood (if we have the budget for it). This person works closely with PR person.


  • Site Director-communicates with the plot holders about garden maintenance and leads maintenance of garden structures. This person maintains the garden rules and contracts and is the liaison to the landowner (ODOT). Organizes 1-2 community work parties per year, Spring and Fall, hopefully.
  • Co-director-helps the site director with the intention of taking over director duties in the future.
  • Plot holders-$25 per year, dues and 10 hours minimum of volunteer service to the upkeep of the common areas of the garden. Committee positions counts for volunteer service.


  • Fundraising coordinator-seeks donations and writes receipts, thank you letters for plant donations from nurseries, raffle prize from businesses and food donations from restaurants. Coordinates with the Fiscal Project Coordinator. Plans and oversees the April Plant Sale and Fundraiser. Collects dues from plot holders.
  • Fiscal Project Coordinator-a member of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association Board that communicates with our fiscal sponsor, SE Uplift, as the “project coordinator”. This person reports on the garden at monthly neighborhood meetings, completes yearly reports and submits all income and expense reimbursement requests to SE Uplift.


  • Charity Coordinator-Coordinates delivery of produce to food charities and tracks donations made by the garden for fiscal reporting.
  • Grant writer-applies for funding for new projects or extraordinary expenses in the garden.
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Fall Forward

Is it too early to say the word “Fall”? I’d like to thank our hot weather volunteers, who gave more time than we could have expected on such a day. Thanks to neighbors and plot holders: Nick, Donnie, Dana, Kyr, Keri, Andy, Cesar and Sebastian. The garden seems nearly ready for Fall and all of the changes that it may hold…

The garden is at a transitional point. I want to speak to you from my heart, now. The garden was conceived from my household, proposals and grants written, construction designed and planned, advertised, with lots of hours and broken body days…but it was never supposed to be for my household. It was supposed to be for the neighborhood. It was always our intention to nurture the garden until it could operate without us. Is there anyone who can succeed us now that the groundwork has been laid? Is there anyone out there who can continue this work and add their own vision? Are there 5 or 6 people who could split the work that we currently do?

This is a great place that was built with many, many hands over the years. It has succeeded, but further success is only possible if others take the reigns. Please join us for a very important committee-forming meeting in September. If you can spare a couple hours a month, have the ability to commit to a year of service and want to ensure the success of the Foster Powell Community Garden, please join us now.

Monday, September 12th, 8:00pm, Foster Burger.

We’ll meet just after the Neighborhood Association General Meeting concludes.


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101 degrees on our Work party Day!

We’re going to start at 8am and work until 2pm tomorrow, instead of 10-4, due to the excessive heat later in the day. We’ll have water on hand! We’re so thankful for your help.

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Help out at the garden this Saturday. Potluck and Prizes!

The garden could really use your help this weekend as we spruce the place up for Fall. It takes a village to maintain this garden! Saturday August 20th, 10-4. We’ll have a potluck lunch and raffle prizes!Bring tools and gloves or use ours.

Also, join the garden steering committee on September 12th after the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association General Meeting (about 8pm at Foster Burger). What are we steering? The future of the garden. Some new ideas for the evolution of the space are on the table and those who attend the meeting will decide.

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